The 10 Largest Navies In The World.

When you think of the Navy, you more than likely picture gargantuan structures in the middle of white-capped crests of waves, with scores of men and women stuffed into closet-like rooms, a little bored while awaiting the call to action. Or perhaps you recall the excitement of movies like “The Hunt for Red October”, suspense filling the air and betrayal behind every periscope. The reality falls somewhere between the two.

There’s an important and interesting distinction between green-water and blue-water navies. Green-water navies usually do battle protecting their own coasts and surrounding areas. They engage in briefer altercations that take place in the shallower waters near their country’s coasts. Blue-water navies have larger aircraft carriers and can sustain extended periods of warfare out in the open deep of the ocean. As far as sheer tonnage of warship fighting power available, here are the 10 largest navies in the world.

10. Taiwan


Taiwan’s green-water navy has freight that weighs in at 151,662 tons. One of the its main priorities is building up their navy enough to ward off attacks from the People’s Republic of China. Their ships are built through local manufacturer CBSC, Taiwan. This is slowing the growth of this navy’s efficiency, because CBSC, Taiwan, while skilled in turning out traditional war ships and carriers, is still not able to produce modernized submarines.

9. Italy


Marina Militare, with its dashing name, mostly sails the beautiful seas of the Mediterranean. It is also a green-water navy and stands at the ready backed by 173,549 tons of war equipment. Due to historic monetary problems, the Italian Navy has had a lot of trouble keeping its tubs in tiptop shape as far as safety specifications. But, with help from other countries, especially the government of North America, it’s in the process of modernizing its armada. This includes gutting and renovating some of its ships, while discarding others and replacing them with brand new carriers.