The 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth.

In most situations, you’d want to avoid the places on this list. Travelling to the most dangerous places on earth can be, well, risky to your well being.

However there are some that people visit simply because it is dangerous.

Why humans are fascinated with putting their lives at risk is something to be determined, but it is reality, nonetheless. For such people, who are itching to go on a big adventure (or alternatively for those who want to know where to avoid going)  here are the most dangerous places on earth, either due to man made reasons  or natural ones.

10. Verkhoyansk, Russia


3000 miles outside of Moscow, in the region of Siberia, there is a small city seated above the Arctic Circle. With temperatures that drop to −45.4 °C (−49.7 °F), it has the honor of being the coldest city in the world. Thankfully, that title has also earned the 1500 residents of the small city a special kind of economy- adventure tourism. Visitors who want to brave the extremities of Mother Nature are welcomed to visit this unforgiving city, but remember to dress warm.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

A country with a history of political unrest and social inequalities has led to an environment of crime. Even though South Africa was a former host city for the FIFA World Cup, visitors should be wary of muggings and other petty crime as well as murders. At the time of the World Cup, there were 50 murders per day. It is for this reason that going out after dark is not recommended.