The 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Adventures In The World.

The average person looks forward to at least one week of vacation sunning away the day on some white sandy beach or exploring new places and cultures. Others are die-hard thrill seekers who, despite getting away from a stressful job, tend to keep the adrenaline rush going by favoring vacations filled with adventure and excitement. For the latter, there are numerous places around the world to satisfy their appetite for activities to keep the blood pumping and the heart racing into overdrive. So for anyone who likes to live on the edge of danger and wants to add more to their summer vacation travel log than a hike through the national park, listed below are 10 scary extreme vacation ideas that are not for the faint of heart.

10. Climbing Mont Blanc

Careful. A climb up this 15,781 mountain just to get a spectacular view of both France and Italy could end up being the route to your final resting place. Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Europe Union and is not for the inexperienced climber. Each year, at least one hundred people lose their lives attempting to journey up to its peak.

9. Swimming with Sharks in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Everyone loves the Sunshine State for its warm weather and attractive beaches. However, one Florida beach, New Smyrna Beach, gives new meaning to swimming with the fishes. This particular section of the Atlantic Ocean has the largest number of shark attacks per square mile than any other beach in the world. With a record number of 201 shark attacks at New Smyrna Beach within the past 30 years, swimmers run the risk of becoming fish food. Ironically, it is named “one of the best surf towns” in Surfer Magazine.