10 Professions Americans Consider To Be The Most Dishonest.

You may have different opinions on what constitutes a good career, but there’s a general consensus about the least respected vocations in the United States today. A 2014 Gallup poll establishes what percentage of the population would trust the following ten professions, from most to least trustworthy. These occupations desperately need the honesty and integrity of the people who are most likely to avoid them – precisely because of the bad rep these fields get.

10. Local Politicians – a mere 23%

It seems the higher you go in politics, the less people trust you. One would hope the local politicians could at least muster a decent amount of trust and respect, but a number of scandals in the past few years have tarnished what was onece, arguably, a somewhat respected profession.

9. Corporate Executives – a measly 22%

Most people aren’t even sure what these guys do, but they do know that they are among the wealthiest earners in the world. Big offices at the top of high-rise expensive real estate, mansions, private chauffeurs and—as many people would assume, anyway—shady dealings. They’re associated with the Halliburtons and Enrons of the world, and are often the targets of organized protests.