The 10 Most Expensive College Degrees

Education is expensive, and costs continues to increase. Before pursuing any degree program, you need to look at the job prospects, the cost that you will incur as well as your ability. Many people drop out of school simply because they chose the wrong profession. With so many great institutions of learning in the country, there is no need for you to pursue a degree that will not be a good fit for you, expensive or not.

10. Film studies, Wesleyan University $218,370.


With its location in Middletown, Connecticut, Wesleyan University began in the year 1831 by the Methodist Church. The university has earned popularity for offering courses in Liberal arts. Students at this university participate in humanitarian and voluntary services. A degree in film studies is one of the most expensive degrees at this college.

9. Biochemistry, Bucknell University $219,330


Located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Bucknell University was founded in 1846. In addition to the rigorous academic tradition, the institution has the highest number of graduating athletes. It offers a variety of course and fifty majors. Its engineering college is one of the leading in the country with biochemistry being the most expensive major.