Here Are The 10 Most Expensive Materials in the World.

Think gold is expensive? Heck at $41 per gram it doesn’t even make our list of the most expensive materials.

Yes, there are many precious materials in the world and people fight over and kill each other for the most valuable substances.

They will stockpile these materials, hoarding them and making them harder to secure. This drives up the price and keeps these substances even scarcer.

Here is a look at the top ten most expensive materials in the world.

10. Morphine diacetate (heroin) – $120 per gram


Derived from opium, heroin is arguably the strongest narcotic in the world. Its properties quickly drive many people who try it into addiction. The control of poppy fields in Afghanistan has fueled Al Qaeda for years now. Opium paste is created from poppy bulbs, and this paste is then further chemically refined to produce heroin.

9. Benzoylmethylecgonine – $215 per gram


The most powerful natural stimulant in the world, cocaine has held a fascinating place in human culture since it was first discovered by German scientist Albert Niemann in 1859. Though slow to take off at first, cocaine gained popularity in the 1880s when its use was championed by the medical community.