The 10 Toughest Job Interviews.

You have gone over your resume with a fine-tooth comb. You have letters of recommendation that not only emphasize your best qualities but also provide examples of what you’ve done in the past. These things will get you in the door, but getting the job requires something else: acing the interview.

Your experience and your references are important, but once you’ve landed the interview it is crucial that you impress your potential employer. Building a rapport with the hiring manager or the person you’ll be working for is often the deciding factor in whether you get the job or someone else does.

Increasingly, companies are using interviews to make candidates demonstrate their job skills. Here are the 10 companies with the most difficult interviews.

10. HubSpot


HubSpot is essentially a marketing platform and a marketing consulting firm that emphasizes using social media and other online content to advertise. The company asks a lot of questions about the job candidate’s personality and behavior, both in interviews and as part of a (long) written test. There are several rounds of interviews, and the later rounds often involve role playing scenarios with customers. The interview process is shorter than most on this list at only 20 days on average.

9. Stryker


Stryker is a Michigan medical technology company. They design and manufacture all kinds of medical equipment and surgical implants. Their interview process seems to be designed to select specific personality types. They ask a lot of questions about the applicant’s personality, and they seem to be looking for competitive, focused individuals. It’s worth noting that of the companies on this list, Stryker has the lowest employee satisfaction rating.