The 10 Toughest Jobs on the Planet

Think your job is difficult? Well, if it is not on this list, you might want to reconsider how bad you actually have it.

The jobs on this list are considered tough for different reasons. Some of them are physically challenging, some are mentally challenging, and even more are emotionally challenging.

If you think the emotional aspect of a job doesn’t matter, you should think again. Studies have shown that chronic stress puts your health at risk, and for me, poor health is definitely a hardship.

If your job is on this list I hope you are getting paid well enough – and of course be safe!

10. Pro Diver

Diving for treasures while on vacation is one thing, but doing it for a living is another. One of the most physically dangerous jobs on the planet is anything that involves being underwater. This includes diving for pearls, underwater manufacturing, and deep underwater drilling. And yes, there is also the chance that you may not make it back to the surface.

9. Bomb Technician

At the top of my list for being emotionally challenging is working as a bomb technician. Although it is fairly easy to understand why someone might want to save the world by defusing a bomb, does anyone really want to take that risk? I mean really? I can only imagine the amount of stress that is experienced in the split second when you do not know if you cut the right wire. No thank you.