The 10 Weirdest Stuff You Can Purchase For $1 Around The World

These days a dollar doesn’t seem to get you much at all. But there are still some places where that measly dollar can go a long way. From a full meal to 3 pairs of sandals you’d be surprised at the big haul you can get with so little cash.

10. Phuket, Thailand: Street Food

Did you know that in Thailand you can buy sticky rice dessert, mango, a whole coconut and a plate of Chicken Pad Thai just for one dollar?

9. Philippines: Foot Massage


The Philippines can offer you a foot massage for a dollar as well.

8. Rome, Italy: A Photo With Gladiator


In Rome, Italy the only thing you can get for a dollar is a photo with the gladiators.

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: 3 Pairs of Sandals


Because of the muddy streets, you are offered 3 pairs of sandals for one dollar in Vietnam.

6. Seoul, Korea: 3 Songs in a Karaoke Club


The cheapest karaoke can be found in Korea, and that is 3 songs for a dollar.

5. Vienna, Austria: a Fresh Kornspitz


The popular crispy buns can be purchased in Vienna, and of course for the price of one dollar.