The 10 Most Depressing Careers Choices You Can Make.

When you’re dreaming of a career that pays well and leads to a cozy retirement with many warm and fuzzy memories to look back on, you obviously aren’t thinking of spending the next 40 years doing a job you hate. But, however you slice it, work stinks. Hardly any of us would lift a finger if we weren’t compelled to.

That being said, believe it or not, some jobs are worse than others. Some jobs don’t pay well, don’t ever seem to end, and even leave you with a nasty case of depression. “Wow! What jobs are those?!”, you ask, as you are overcome by curiosity (or a raging case of Schadenfreude). Read on to discover, and leave all hope behind.

10. Nursing Home Staff


This one’s a given, isn’t it? Old folks, senile, at the end of their rope. Drooling, cantankerous with the staff, ultimately dying in their beds. It takes a miracle of saintly patience to do this job, and the result is all too often long hours for a paycheck that hardly makes it worth the while. And, yet, some people choose this occupation, and excel in it. Is this proof of the essential goodness of humanity, or merely its stubbornness? You make the call.

9. Waiter


Some days, you may well be in the mood to sling hash and roast beef out to a diner packed with cranky, low tipping customers who have all chosen your venue as their place of least resistance. Maybe they’re arguing with their wives as they joylessly sip their coffee. Maybe they’ve just been laid off from work. Maybe they’ve missed their bus. But it’s your job to wear a perky smile and give them excellent customer service, all the while wishing you were retired in Miami. But there are diners there too.