These 10 College Majors Are A Sure Way To A Great Career.

What’s the most important factor when choosing a major? There are many reasons to choose a particular path – including aptitude, personal interest, passion.

However, one crucial aspect to consider is earning potential when you graduate.

You could of course ignore this list and simply go for whatever interests you the most or you feel passionate about. Pursuing your passions is always important. But before you opt for archaeology or film, video and photography, I suggest that you should at least be aware of the college degrees that will likely get you a decent job right now.

10. Medical Assisting: Median Salary $51,000


Okay, this may not be as glamorous or exciting as some other majors in this list, but if you’re going to sign up to be a medical assistant, you certainly didn’t do it for the fame, but to help people. We often fail to notice all those nice young men and women that show us to the exam room and take our vital signs before the doctor can finally see us, but they are doing a very important job. And, there is more and more of them.
Without medical assistants do you think that doctors would be able to finish half of their job before starting to throw syringes at everyone in the vicinity? Of course not.

9. Business Management: $56,000


Okay, here’s an idea for you. If you are a low-level manager and are tired of the higher ups bossing you, how about joining them at the top? You’ll be well on your way with this major.
If you already have some real-world knowledge of how business is run, why not take it to another level with this major?