These Are The Ten Longest Living Animals. The Last One Is As Old As Time.

The human race strives for a long life. However, most folks reluctantly concede that their days are numbered.

Sure; we diet, exercise, visit the doctor as regularly as possible and even attempt age defying chemistry. Yet immortality is not a gift we humans have been given.

Is the Fountain of Youth real? Some say it is, some disagree. If we study marine life, we might possibly believe that it is located within the ocean!

Take a look at these top 10 longest living animals to find out why.

10. Shortraker Rockfish

There are several types of rockfish in the ocean. One is called the Shortraker Rockfish. This type of rockfish does not usually live deep in the ocean. It prefers to make its home near the off shores between southeastern Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia to Fort Bragg, California. The Shortraker Rockfish can weigh up to 44 pounds and can grow more than 1 meter in length. However, in 2007, a fisherman caught the heaviest Shortraker Rockfish. It weighed a whopping 62 pounds and was 112 cm in length. This Shortraker Rockfish exceeded the average age and was estimated to be between 90 and 115 years old.

9. Freshwater Pearl Mussels
This particular mussel is not intended for dinner. The Freshwater Pearl Mussel is noted on the marine biologist’s list of endangered animals. It is one of the longest living invertebrates in the world. Freshwater Pearl Mussels are an aquatic bivalve mollusk which prefer to live in fresh, quick flowing streams and rivers. These crazy little mussels are highly adaptable to various types of weather and locations. The young Freshwater Pearl Mussels are sustained by gravel and sand. In 1993, the oldest known Freshwater Pearl Mussel was caught in Estonia. It was 134 years old.