These Soggy Dog Shots Are Pathetic, Adorable And Funny- All At The Same Time.

“Their expressions were priceless and really entertaining. It was magic.”

That’s how Sophie Gamand, a French photographer from New York describes these soggy dog shots.

She calls these photos the canines’ most “vulnerable and humiliating moment”.

The first picture below was Gamand’s favorite: a little pup named Oscar, who projected a stoic pose while having his bath time.

“He looked so deep, like a sculpture. I really loved his expression. It maybe even had a bit of sadness and was a bit cheeky,” Gamand remarked.



These dogs and more, who were set up by Gamand at the pet stylist Ruben Santana’s Bronx studio, were photographed in just two days.slide_349673_3743571_free

Gamand also compiled these for her “Wet Dog” series, which won the first place in the portraiture category of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. slide_349673_3743573_free

Gamand was even inspired by these images to work on a book, which will be released in the fall of 2015. slide_349673_3743575_free

“I’ve been waiting for this for years, hoping something would click. The wet dogs have really changed my life,” Gamand added. slide_349673_3743576_free

We used to picture dogs as playful and the one with a big grin and a wagging tail, but these photos show otherwise. When it’s already bath time for doggies, they tend to be fearful and running for their lives. slide_349673_3743577_free

Source: Huffpost