This Company Wants To Build A Tiny Powerful Computer For Only $9

Next Thing Co., a  computer company from the west coast, has launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of producing and selling the world’s first US$9 computer.

The device, called C.H.I.P. is tiny, but it is extremely capable for its size and price. You can get real computer tasks done on it – coding, editing documents surfing the web, and of course, playing angry birds.

We think this computer can be truly revolutionary. The beauty of a $9 computer is twofold – it will allow many more people around the world to own a PC and connect to the web for the first time. But even if you already own a laptop and three cell phones, C.H.I.P. might be something you’d buy to tinker with and experiment on without worrying too much you’ll wreck it (think about your next homemade drone project ).

To find out more about this potentially game-changing innovation watch the video below.