This CRAZY video of a kid who danced the same Jamiroquai song for 100 days STRAIGHT went viral in no time.

Viral Video of the Day features Matt Bray’s video.

Bray challenged himself to record his dance to the tune of “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, for 120 days straight (though 100 days sounded better, he said).

This video is a part of Matt Bray’s bucket list, which he shares on the internet and calls Project One Life. This item is on his 117th list.

Bray edited his daily videos by one second each and compiled them, resulting in a video that went viral and viewed by over five million people since it was originally published on May 3.

“I eventually came up with the idea of 100 days of dance,” Bray wrote. “I really didn’t want to do this for a year so I thought 100 days seemed pretty good.”