This Japanese Artist Creates The Most Detailed Balloon Animals You’ve Seen

Masayoshi Matsumoto, an artist from Japan, makes incredible balloon animals which elevate the party trick to an art form. His balloon creations are not the stuff of a children’s party or fairground – they are amazingly advanced, and some of them will take your breath away.

Not only does he insist on using one of the most volatile materials out there, but he sticks to only one material in his work too.

He has to take the risk of popping pieces of his intricate artworks as he creates them, but he also uses no tape or other artificial additions to help him out. It is all done with balloons alone – even for the eyes!

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He has two Tumblr accounts where you can view his art. The most impressive is his animal artwork, but he also recreates famous characters with the help of a few embellishments.

h/t: isopresso.tumblr