This Photo Of Mother With Cancer Breastfeeding Against All Odds Is Beautiful.

Two photographs of a new mother breastfeeding her newborn boy after having undergone a mastectomy and chemotherapy to treat her stage-3 breast cancer—have gone viral on the Internet.

“She really wanted to breastfeed after having many of her birth choices and preferences taken from her, if only for a short time because cancer treatments resume when she is discharged from the hospital.”

While the photos have caused debate – some cancer experts do not recommend a mother nurse her child after chemotherapy – people across the internet responded to the heartwarming photos. When Keith Kuder shared them on his Facebook page they received nearly 2 million likes – and many more mothers came forward to tell of their stories of struggling to be a new mom while undergoing cancer treatment.

recent research into breastfeeding has shown that it benefits not only the child – educing an infant’s risk of developing asthma, childhood leukemia, childhood obesity, eczema, and a range of other health ailments – but also the mother, reducing her risk of dying from breast cancer.