This Dad Makes The Best Of Toddler Temper Tantrums.

The word, “toddler” seems to be synonymous with “temper tantrum.”

No matter what parenting tactics are employed, toddlers are uniquely skilled in the art of finding something (anything) over which to begin a meltdown of epic proportions. Grocery stores, restaurants, parks, etc, one never knows when a perfectly normal event will shift into a toddler tragedy.

What is a parent to do?  Well, if you are like Greg Pembroke, you whip out your phone, take a picture and upload it to Tumblr.

Last year, Greg became a part time stay at home dad to his two toddler sons. While this meant lots of fun, quality time with his boys, it also meant he was the only one around when many of those inevitable tantrums occurred.


Greg decided to upload photos of his crying children, including notes as to why they were crying, to a Tumblr album titled, “Reasons My Son is Crying.” It was an instant hit among his fellow parent friends and quickly went viral.



In a matter of days, Pembroke began receiving photographs of teary toddlers from all over the world. Greg began to share those photos and it wasn’t long before publishers took notice. What started out as an outlet for toddler tantrums, was now the makings of a book.



And that is exactly what Pembroke delivered.  The life of a stay at home dad has very few quiet moments, but Greg used those rare moments on his book, “Reasons My Kid is Crying,” which is now available.

Now there is an example of taking lemons and making lemonade. It is clear from the worldwide response to Greg’s book, that sudden toddler meltdowns are a universal fact of life. One may as well enjoy the ride, and in Greg’s case, make a few bucks out of the ordeal.



With unlimited inspiration, who knows what Greg may write next? “Reasons My Teenager is Mad at Me” anyone?

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Source: Omnivoracious