Top 10 Computer Viruses That Wrecked Your Computer.

Malware, viruses, and worms, oh my! The sad fact is, viruses have been with us ever since the dawn of the Internet age, and they show no signs of abating. Taking the good with the bad is the price we pay for living in an imperfect universe. So why not take a moment to look back on the top ten worst computer viruses of all time?

10. Blaster Worm


The infamous Blaster Worm of 2003 was one of the earliest known computer viruses. It was an early Denial of Service attack that was directed at Microsoft’s main online hub, and was able to infect millions of computers around the world by locating and exploiting a security glitch. True to its legendary reputation, its author has never been identified.

9. Storm Worm


The Storm Worm dates from 2007, and was particularly notorious for being one of the worst viruses ever to hit continental Europe. It posed as a weather report detailing news of incoming storms over Europe, and quickly spread around the world from there, infecting countless millions of personal computers before the storm finally relented. Massive tons of useless spam, along with identity theft, were the name of the game during the reign of Storm.