Top 10 Computer Viruses That Wrecked Your Computer.

8. The Melissa “Simpsons” Virus


The Melissa virus, created by a certain David L. Smith, who gave his program the name of a stripper he’d had good times with in Florida, has gone into the record books as the very first “email-aware” virus. The program inserted a quote from the world famous cartoon show, “The Simpsons”, into a Word document. The virus brought lasting fame to Mr. Smith, but also came with a heavy penalty. After being detected and charged with causing over 80 million dollars worth of damage, Smith was sentenced to a very long prison term.

7. My Doom


Plenty of people will recognize this hale and hearty entry on our list, as we’re probably more likely to have come across this nasty virus than some of the others. In fact, My Doom has gone down as one of the most wide spread and obnoxious viruses of all time. My Doom was recently listed in many commemorative studies as one of the fastest spreading viruses of all time.

During the peak of its power in February 2004, My Doom was said to be infecting 1 in 12 emails. Meanwhile, a further 100,000 interceptions were alleged to be taking place every hour, on the hour. Naturally, its author was never found. Even more worryingly, the virus was allegedly traced to “somewhere in Russia”, giving authorities a chilling foretaste of the great age of cyber warfare that many believe will take the place of traditional combat in the near future.