Top 10 Computer Viruses That Wrecked Your Computer.

6. “Anna Kournikova Reveals All”


Another present from our good Mother Russia, the “Anna Kournikova Reveals All” virus ended up giving us something else besides a sneak peak at sweet Anna’s well defined curvature. A Dutchman named Jan de Wit created the “Anna” virus in order to steal information from Microsoft Outlook emails. The virus was so widespread and effective that it was even immortalized on an episode of the ultimate trend friendly sitcom, “Friends”.

5. Nimda, the “9/11 Worm”


Nimda, which seems to be “Admin” spelled backwards, appeared directly in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy, with which it will be forever linked. In fact, its appearance so soon after the tragedy caused leading security agencies around the world to speculate as to whether it had its origins in a follow up campaign launched by Osama and company.

In any case, the Nimda worm soon became the most widespread program of its kind, infecting millions of computers within an astonishing 25 minutes after its release. Its use of five different attack vectors in a multi-pronged infection strategy made it a legend among hackers and a true world wide menace.