Top 10 Computer Viruses That Wrecked Your Computer.



The infamous “I LOVE YOU” virus has gone down in history as one of the most effective worms ever created in the history of such nefarious doings. It disguised itself as an email whose subject promised the revelation of a “secret admirer”. Once opened, however, the reality was far less sanguine, as the contents were quickly revealed to be a nasty little virus that quickly stole the recipient’s password and transmitted it to a secret location in the Philippines.

The virus caused an estimated 10 billion in damages. Its alleged creator, Filipino computer expert Onel de Guzman, was charged with theft, but never convicted, since the Philippines at that time had no computer espionage or sabotage laws on its books.

1. The Klez Virus


Number one on our list is the Klez Virus. Although, upon its debut in late 2001, it did plenty of damage, it has actually earned its place at the top of this list by becoming the very first “community engineered” virus, i.e., a virus that was modified by the work of several additional hackers after its first appearance. The Klez has thus set the standard for a whole new wave of dangerous viruses that bear the work of several evil geniuses, rather than just one – a troubling development that bodes ill for generations of computer users to come.