Top 10 Most Extreme Waterslides In The World.

It’s not summer yet – but we’re already thinking of waterslide season, so we decided to rank the top slides in the world by how extreme they are. From double loops to 100 ft drops these will scare your socks off – not that you should be wearing any socks on these of course. Some of these slides are only opening this summer so get in line to be one of the first to experiance extreme sliding – and bring your GoPro with you.

10. The Mammoth – Splashin’ Safari – Indiana

When it was completed in 2012, Mammoth became the world’s longest water coaster at 1,763 feet (537 m) long. The riders in the 6-passenger “round spinner” boats are seated in a circle facing each other.

9. Aqualoop – Terme 3000 water park – Slovenia

The AquaLoop at Terme 3000 was the first ever of its kind – a slide where riders are dropped down a near vertical slide and into an inclined loop. The AquaLoop uses a trap-door to release riders down 56 ft of near-vertical decent at a speed of up to 37 mph. Riders experience 2.5 Gs in less than 2 seconds.