Vitamin Poison: 10 Vitamins That Cause Cancer.

Surely, no one in their right mind would  dispute that vitamins are an extremely important component of our daily diet. Without these necessary nutrients, we wouldn’t survive for any appreciable length of time. However, few people realize that, taken in excess, vitamins can have grave and counterproductive consequences for the human body – consequences that might even include the onset of cancer.

Worse, even fewer people realize that the latest hip and trendy “health supplements” that promise mega doses of certain vitamins aren’t always in line with the recommendations made by leading international health experts. At any rate, vitamins, like all other substances, should be taken carefully, and in moderation.

10. Vitamin E

Recent studies have pointed to an extremely alarming risk of prostate cancer in men who were taking Vitamin E supplements in order to reduce their risk of prostate cancer! As it turns out, men who took 400 international units of Vitamin E per day (which is the standard dosage most Vitamin E pills are released to the market place in) developed a 17 percent higher risk of prostate cancer than men who went without these extra doses.

9. Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is currently being sold in the United States in a new form that has raised eyebrows all across the land. This new form of Vitamin C has been decried as being derived from genetically modified corn, and has already been shown to increase the risk of cancer in those who take large doses of it. Considering that Vitamin C is already one of the most commonly occurring vitamins, the risk of over absorption by taking extra doses via supplements is thus magnified at an alarming rate.