When A Student’s Baby Started Crying In Class This Professor’s Response Was Priceless

Jerusalem professor Sydney Engelberg has raised education standards to the next level with nothing but a gesture. A photo picturing him holding a baby while teaching has gone viral over social networks these days. Can you combine family and education? You sure can.

The picture came with a little story. A young mother could not afford a babysitter, so she took the baby with her. The baby started crying, so she excused herself and tried to leave the classroom. Professor Sydney asked her to remain, took the baby and calmed him down. He continued teaching with the baby in his arms like nothing happened. Someone grabbed a picture and the rest is history. From Brazil to Germany, the photo has shared like there is no tomorrow.

The 67-year-old professor is now a rock star in his home country. His wife says he has gotten love letters, not to mention the nonstop calls from all local stations. She finds it funny, so she thinks it must have happened on a day with no major news. Those who shared the picture think differently. After all, no one should have to choose between family and education. The professor’s policy (which allows babies in classes) underlines how much he cares about education.

Sydney Engelberg is a star now. Faith in humanity restored!