Women are Most Attracted to Men Who Use Shorter, Fewer Words, Study Reveals

Canadian researchers with Dr. Molly Babel, a linguist from the University of British Columbia in Canada who had her worked published in the journal PLOS One, conducted a study to find out which type of voices, words used, and range of accents are regarded as the most attractive to the respective sexes. In the study, 30 participants had their voices recorded and were asked to rate the other voices’ ‘attractiveness’ on a scale of one to nine. The participants, who are all from western America, had similar accents.

The researchers found out that men who spoke with a shorter average word length, compared to women who, on average, talk three times as many words as men, received higher ratings. For many years, experts believed that women are fascinated on silent and mysterious types because of their chilly disposition. But the researchers’ recent study revealed that deep voices and men who use shorter words are seen with more masculinity, in which men are also perceived as better looking. The study also found out that women preferred deeper voices like George Clooney’s , who’s shown on the picture below.

NY: Portrait Of George Clooney

On the other hand, the researchers observed that men are drawn to the ‘breathy’ voices in women. An example of this voice is Marilyn Monroe’s, who is on the picture below. The breathy tone is characterized by thinner vocal cords, and is associated youthfulness and health; whereas a creaky voice, which indicates that a person is tired, sick or smokes, was seen as unattractive on women.


The voice is an amazingly flexible tool that we use to construct our identity. Men with deeper voices and women with slightly higher voices were thought to sound more attractive, because they suggest a bigger or a smaller body. Very few things in our voices are immutable, so we felt that our preferences had to be about more than a person’s shape and size.


Additionally, the study proved that people are drawn to others with a similar accent, tone, and intonation. But Dr. Babel also made clear that the findings do not mean that people are never attracted to those with different accents. She goes on to say:

We found that what is attractive to people is how much they sound like a typical male or a typical female from their own community. The people we assessed were all in the same dialect group, but they exhibited that dialect to different degrees. We seem to like people who sound like we sound, we like people who fit within what we know. Once you’re outside of a certain range of familiarity novel and exotic sounding voices might become more attractive.We also have to keep in mind we find some accents more preferable than others because of social stereotypes associated with them.

source: World Obsever